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Phase Perfect Digital Phase Converters - Models & Ratings

Phase Converter PT-355Choosing The Appropriate Phase Perfect Digital Phase Converter
Choosing a Phase Perfect digital phase converter for your application is easy. Because it provides balanced power for all sizes and types of loads, there is no need to oversize a Phase Perfect for voltage-sensitive applications such as elevators and HVAC equipment. And because a Phase Perfect digital phase converter provides high momentary currents while maintaining voltage balance, it can start heavily loaded motors with ease. Phase Perfect can safely and efficiently operate virtually any three-phase load within its rated capacity.

We provide detailed specifications on digital converter performance, and all our Phase Perfect converters are ETL listed. You can be assured that a Phase Perfect digital phase converter will deliver performance that matches the published specifications. Simply match the nameplate specifications of your 3-phase equipment to the HP rating or the output current of a Phase Perfect.

Phase Perfect Basic Specifications
Model Size(HP) Three Phase Continuous Amps Weight Detailed Phase Converter Specifications
PT-330 10hp 36 amps 75lbs PT-330 Data Sheet
PT-355 20hp 64 amps 115lbs PT-355 Data Sheet
PT-380 30hp 96 amps 180lbs PT-380 Data Sheet
PT-3110 40hp 130 amps 115lbs ea.
2 units
PT-3110 Data Sheet
PT-3160 60hp 190 amps 180lbs ea.
2 units
PT-3160 Data Sheet
No Restrictions on the Type of Application
Multiple motor loads, resistive and capacitive loads, hard-starting loads and voltage- sensitive loads like submersible pumps and CNC machines can all be operated safely and efficiently.

Optional Features
Phase Perfect digital phase converters are available in either indoor Type1 or outdoor rainproof Type 3R enclosures. When equipped with the optional Motor Starter feature, the converter can start and protect a single motor load directly from the output of the converter, eliminating the need for the motor load to be equipped with a starter and overload protection. The EMI option includes a special enclosure and additional filtering to reduce electromagnetic interference. See Options & Accessories for more information.

Features & Benefits

  • Balanced output voltages

  • High efficiency

  • Electronic power factor correction

  • High momentary overload capacity for demanding applications

  • Automatic brownout and over-voltage protection

  • Fault protection and overload protection

  • Built-in motor starter capability

  • Clean power fed back to power grid during regenerative braking 

Phase Perfect Digital Phase Converters represent the ultimate technology for converting single-phase electrical power to three-phase electrical power. In fact, the three-phase power produced by Phase Perfect is often superior in power quality to utility supplied three-phase.

Phase Perfect utilizes the latest advances in solid state power switching technology. Unlike rotary phase converters, it does not rely on a motor to generate a voltage. Proprietary software controls power switching devices that generate 3-phase power with much more precision and efficiency. Its patented design makes it unlike any other phase converter.

Phase Perfect produces true sinusoidal 3-phase output voltages balanced to within 1% under all load conditions. Because the output voltage is a sine wave with very low harmonic distortion, all types of 3-phase equipment can be safely powered. Input current is true sinusoidal, near unity (.99) power factor and is very low in total harmonic distortion (THD).

Phase Perfect converters handle regenerative power by passing clean, balanced power back onto the single-phase line when three-phase loads are in a generating mode. Most other power switching converters waste regenerative power by burning it up with braking resistors. Putting regenerative power back onto the line saves electrical power and even allows Phase Perfect to operate continuously as a three-phase to single-phase converter in wind and solar power applications.

Phase Perfect can safely power virtually any 3-phase application within its rated capacity. It can power resistive and capacitive loads as well as motor or inductive loads. Its power quality makes it ideal for powering demanding loads such as broadcast equipment, imaging equipment and other voltage sensitive applications.

Phase Perfect is available with built-in contactor and adjustable solid state overload relay, which allows it to function as a motor starter for most single-motor applications. It also has a control circuit and terminals which allows an external switch to control both the converter and the load. Installation is straightforward and simple and can usually be accomplished in minutes with a minimum of additional equipment required.

Utility 3-phase service can cost thousands of dollars to install, even when 3-phase lines are nearby. Phase Perfect is an affordable alternative that provides better voltage balance than most utilities will specify for their service. It also protects 3-phase equipment from damage due to under-voltage, over-voltage and single-phasing that can occur with AC mains power. Phase Perfect Digital Phase Converters are rugged, reliable and typically 97% efficient.

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