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Digital Phase Converters
from Phase Technologies


Compare the Cost Savings of a Phase Perfect® vs a Rotary Phase Converter

Generating three phase power using modern digital switching technology means an onboard microprocessor controls the entire process. This processor constantly adapts to changing conditions and ensures perfectly balanced output, just like utility power. Because a modern approach is used to generating three phase power there is very little waste in the form of motion or heat. Using a Phase Perfect® will save you money every month, estimate how much using the calculator below.

Horsepower rating of largest load that will be connected to the Phase Perfect®

The cost in cents per kilowatthour your utility charges you for electricity usage. You can estimate costs for your region by looking at the Average Price Chart on eia.gov.

Weeks per YearDays per Week

Number of weeks per year and days per week you anticipate needing 3 Phase power available. For example: a business with typical operating hours might be 50 weeks per year and 5 days per week, while an elevator installation would require 52 weeks per year and 7 days per week.

Hours Per Day

The number of hours per day you anticipate not drawing a significant 3 Phase load. For example: a typical business might not draw a significant load right away in the morning, during breaks, or over the lunch hour, while an elevator might be idle 20 or more hours per day.

Annual Savings with
Phase Perfect® vs. Rotary:


 Phase PerfectRotary Converter
Starting Load Horsepower1    
Standby Power Consumption2    
Idle Power Cost3    



1. Starting Load Horsepower. The Phase Perfect® does NOT require oversizing. Rotary phase converters need to typically be sized at double the horsepower rating, or more, of the largest load to be started. For example, a 20HP load would require a 40HP rotary phase converter.

2. Standby Power Consumption. The reported standby, or idle, power consumption of the Phase Perfect® is based on testing performed in the Phase Technologies Quality Control Laboratory. The reported standby consumption of a rotary is based on the published specifications of well known rotary phase converter suppliers.

3. Idle Power Cost. You can expect even greater savings than reported by this calculator in a typical installation. The Phase Perfect® is over 95% efficient, whereas a rotary phase converter is normally between 70% and 90% efficient depending on the type of load.